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Discrimination can take place everywhere, unfortunately also on campus.

Our duties are counselling and support of students whom became subject or witnesses of discrimination concerning race or ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or disablement.


Our Services:

  • individual case advisory
  • information about possible measures and actions
  • intermediation between contact persons
  • information about ways to synergise those effected

We offer weekly consultation-hours within the semesters lecture period and if favoured, we will contact other relevant authorities. All cases are under the obligation of confidentiality for us and our service partners. In addition we organize events with the topic diversity dimension.


Discrimination is harmful!

Victims often feel helpless with their particular situation and they are frequently let down in search of aid or solidarity. There is no need to say that the reactions of a victims’ social environment, the experiences made with institutions and the public conception of discrimination are a crucial factor for the victims’ healing process. We want to take a stand for these crucial factors! Our emphasis is on the perspective of those affected and we want to implement awareness about the realistic threat of discrimination at varsity. Again, filing a complaint, you may always stay anonymous – if favoured.


What else do we do?

We organise events with the emphasis on sensitizing students and staff about matters of discrimination related to groups, minorities and individuals concerning topics such as sexism or racism. If you have ideas of your own, please contact us

Contact information:

Phone: 0611 – 9495 1190


Office: Structure A, Room 108/109